Super Bowl TV Spot Round-Up


Now even though I failed to stay up to watch the entire Super Bowl this year, there is such a thing as the internet, and I was happy in the knowledge that as soon as I woke from my slumber I would be able to watch all the movie tv spots till my hearts content. This year, the films that payed the most moneys to be televised to the world were: Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Oz The Great and Powerful, Snitch, Fast & Furious 6, The Lone Ranger and finally World War Z.

So which was my favourite, well, Iron Man 3 came on top in my opinion with an equally impressive sequence that showcased some new bits of the film. Also Star Trek Into Darkness, remained just as¬†annoyingly¬†secretive about it’s plot as the trailer did a few months ago and even though I’m still skeptical that Fast & Furious 6 may fail to live up to it’s predecessor, the tv spot wasn’t hardly boring. So check out all the tv spots below and let me know which was your favourite in the comments.

Iron Man 3

Star Trek Into Darkness

Oz The Great and Powerful


Fast & Furious 6

The Lone Ranger

World War Z


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